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Doing your best on the ACT involves many skills, including leveraging your knowledge edge. What does this mean? This means using only the parts of your academic studies that are necessary to master this standardized test. Your advantage lies in information applied to specific models. “Knowledge Edge,” by Baig, explains the competitive opportunity gleaned from mastering a particular skill, such as taking a standardized test. How do we leverage, or use this? We must realize what this test is and what it is not. It is not an IQ test. It does not test eleven or twelve years of accumulated academic knowledge. It is a standardized, national, ranked assessment of your test taking skills compared to others’ in your school, state and nation. What is the value of achieving this Knowledge Edge? It will make you a dynamic candidate for your choice of College or University. Along with your grades, activities and recommendations, ACT scores are a selection factor in the competitive world of college entrance and scholarship grants. The knowledge edge of any ACT prep class is the cutting edge, or most relevant, advanced and timely method of learning the information necessary to excel at this exam.