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Small Group ACT Prep Classes, North Shore Location

Classes provide the highest level of quality and individualized instruction.

Interactive ACT Prep Classes

Two way dialogue means your child is participating in their learning versus listening to lectures.
NEW!!!   Eight Session Prep Program

Students who work with me learn how to take standardized tests.
They gain study skills and confidence, which encourages them to DISCOVER new
information rather than rote memorize.

Students who take my course go up an average of 8 points composite (32-35 points individuals) with the current record holder at 14 points composite (from 17 to 31). The average writing score gain is 3 points with the current record holder at 5 points (6 to 11).


Small Class Size

Small ACT prep class size means constant observation, monitoring and assessment by ME.  Other ACT preps have 30 or more students in one class, or offer months of “drop in” where your child sits alone taking tests and doing worksheets.


Two Way Dialogue

The majority of time together is spent dialoguing with students and discovering how they comprehend and internalize material.  This information generalizes to other areas of learning and stays with them throughout their lives.


Individual Attention

I honor each individual in each of my classes by being there for him or her throughout the learning process, during class, between classes and after the sessions are over.


“Whatever It Takes” means:

  • I continuously search for new ways to optimize your child’s educational experience.
  • I will respond to your questions and concerns immediately.
  • You are my priority, and if you cannot be, I will let you know and refer you elsewhere.

I am a dedicated instructor, motivator, and consultant, consistently successful at achieving short and long term goals set forth by individuals, classes and groups. Relentless in the pursuit of fulfilling each student’s academic potential through conceptual understanding of material and self-pride in work done, my personal continuing  education  includes structured classroom, open classroom, special education and counseling.

Listen to what parents have to say

“Beth” came home from your group session with a new look on the ACT testing.  I can’t thank you enough.  She will work very hard for you and herself to achieve the score she wants. Our family is now using your motto, “Whatever it takes”. We love it!!!

Vilma, your instruction has aided a whole group of young men and women towards their college dreams. Thank you.  Please come to graduation in June so these young people (and their parents!) can thank you in person.

When “Tom” found out he got 80 in his geometry test, he hugged me and said, “You always believed in me. Last year when I got a bad report card, (someone close to me) told me I was not college material, but you believed in me and found Vilma.

Scholarships are available to motivated students with financial need.

*THIS WEEK’S CLASSES* If you would like to make up a class during one of these sessions you MUST RESERVE a spot at least 48 hours in advance.



Sunday, August 21, 1:30pm…Math 2

Sunday, August 21, 6:00pm…English 1


ACT Prep Classes with Vilma Abrahamer IconACT Prep Classes with Vilma Abrahamer

10013 North Miller Court, Mequon

5.0 69 reviews

  • Avatar Joseph Hughes ★★★★★ a week ago
    Vilma spent 30 minutes with me, showing tips on how to improve my GMAT score. The tips were quick, easy fixes to problems that have been stumping me for weeks. Once I retook the GMAT, I was able to increase my score by 90 points! Vilma … More not only helped me with the test but was impactful in me getting into graduate school.
  • Avatar Jennifer M ★★★★★ 10 months ago
    Vilma is amazing. Her expertise in ACT work increases student confidence and most importantly, skills on the test. She is always encouraging of students and truly does what it takes to get students to meet their goals, providing your … More child puts in the work. When your child works with her, they will meet their goal. She is a great motivator for students that aren't always the 'highly motivated' student that parents wish they may be. Vilma has a great blend of education and counselor skills in her work with students. I highly recommend her to others.
  • Avatar Ryan Van Zeeland (Quepasadude9) ★★★★★ in the last week
    Excellent teaching, outside the box thinking and insightful hacks and shortcuts, creates an efficient and results oriented prep school which is almost guaranteed to get you results the results you strive for on the ACT.
  • Avatar Maggie Ferguson ★★★★★ 7 months ago
    I would highly recommend working with Vilma! She is incredibly helpful and I even improved 5 points! Her teaching style is really helpful and I really understood what I had to do in order to achieve a higher score!
  • Avatar Rachel Garoukian ★★★★★ 5 months ago
    With all of the craziness and stress going on in the world, Vilma’s zoom lessons allow me to become more confident in how I am going to do on the next available test. Zoom allows you to work one on one with Vilma without any distractions … More and being in the comfort of your home. If you are looking for an amazing, encouraging teacher to help with your standardized testing skills I definitely recommend Vilma!!
  • Avatar Linda Hirst ★★★★★ 10 months ago
    Vilma's small classes and individualized sessions helped our daughter reach her goals with confidence! She is a wonderful wealth of knowledge and prepared her for each section of the test. She tailored the sessions for their needs … More and it empowered them to do their best! Amazing results! We couldn't be happier!
  • Avatar Dana Fish ★★★★★ 8 months ago
    I definitely recommend taking her class if you are struggling with the ACT or just want to prepare in general. The work environment is super comfortable and fun to be apart of. After taking her classes and learning the tips and tricks of … More the ACT, I have seen myself improve greatly.
  • Avatar Julia Amelyan ★★★★★ 10 months ago
    Vilma is an outstanding tutor and wonderful person. My kids enjoy attending her one on one lessons and cannot wait to learn new things with her. My daughters testing scores have improved dramatically since starting classes with Vilma!
  • Avatar Melissa Gehl ★★★★★ 5 months ago
    I can NOT say enough about Vilma Abrahamer! She is THE BEST OUT THERE! My daughter has worked with Vilma both face to face and via Zoom meetings. Vilma is beyond effective in ANY setting. Vilma's ability to "get" high … More school students and their individual personalities is amazing! Vilma cares SO deeply about her students and connects with each in a professional yet personal way ensuring that they understand what she is explaining and trying to teach them. Vilma is a MASTER at teaching how to increase your ACT score! It is absolutely amazing what she can do with her students! Vilma is equally effective via Zoom meetings. My daughter has commented that while both in person and zoom meetings are SUPER effective, she likes that when she works with Vilma 1:1 over zoom there are NO distractions and the 1:1 focus is exceedingly helpful! I can't say enough about how amazing Vilma is as a person, a mentor and an ACT tutor!