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Vilma spent 30 minutes with me, showing tips on how to improve my GMAT score. The tips were quick, easy fixes to problems that have been stumping me for weeks. Once I retook the GMAT, I was able to increase my score by 90 points! Vilma not only helped me with the test but was impactful in me getting into graduate school.

– Joseph Hughes, Vice President – Associated Bank

I cannot begin to tell you how beneficial your class was to Tommy.
He was signed up for another online ACT prep course that boasted they can raise your score 3 points just by taking it. But, Tommy really struggled with it and it was too difficult to navigate. After his 1st class with you he got in the car and was totally relieved. He said you explained the test in such a way that he was no longer nervous about it and understood the material you presented.
Thank you for everything you have done for him! I have been telling everyone I know who is looking to sign up for a course to go to YOU! Tommy loved taking your class! I wish everybody knew about it.
Katy Cassel

We are so appreciative of all your support and expertise that you have shared with Amy and us! You have been amazing for Amy’s confidence and college prep process!
Hi Vilma, Drew ended up getting a 28 on his ACT!!!! He went from a 16 to a 28 and it was all because of you. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! I will recommend you to everyone and anyone!
I’m elated and he is so proud of himself…
THANK YOU!!! You are truly the best.

Halfway through your forty hour classes my daughter took the ACT. She went from 25 to 30 composite and from 8 to 11 in her writing. We’re so happy!

Andy received his ACT results.  In case he didn’t let you know, he scored a 31 overall!

 “It’s only been two classes, but we have already noticed the ‘confidence bump’ in our son”
David went from a 26 to a 31 after taking your course.  Thank you for your help!!!!!!!!!!!


My son raised his ACT individual grades by 32 points for an increased composite of 8 points after taking your course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



“…I took the ACT this morning and I felt pretty good about it…everything went fine…The strategies I learned really helped me and I think I did good!”


My son is looking at colleges he thought were out of his reach, thanks to his “31” composite after taking your class!  Thank you Vilma.



My math score went from 27 to 32, science from 24 to 29 and reading from 18 to 26.  Thank you!! You helped me so much!!


Thanks for helping us better understand our son’s ACT Aspire scores this evening.  Your information provided much relief to two concerned parents.  


“My son took an ACT prep class through the rec department and got 14’s through 16’s in all subjects.  He found out about you and took two private lessons in reading before taking the ACT again.  This time he got 29 in reading.”


Max received his February ACT scores, and he improved nicely in each area! He went up a total of 22 points. We really appreciate all of your work with Max to help prepare him for the exam. It was great to see his scores from December improve across the board.

When “Tom” found out he got 80 in his geometry test, he hugged me and said, “You always believed in me. Last year when I got a bad report card, (someone close to me) told me I was not college material, but you believed in me and found Vilma.”


I recommended you to my friend.  After his first class with you he called me and said, “She’s (expletive) amazing!!!”


“Beth” came home from your group session with a new look on the ACT testing.  I can’t thank you enough.  She will work very hard for you and herself to achieve the score she wants. Our family is now using your motto, “Whatever it takes”. We love it!!!

Please come to graduation in June so these young people (and their parents!) can thank you in person!

I wanted to let you know Marsha came home tonight feeling very good about your time together.  She is excited about working with you.

Hello Vilma! My name is “Sue” and was very interested in having my son work with you for his test placement. I heard nothing but excellent reviews from your past students!


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