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About Me

I am a dedicated instructor and motivator who has been consistently successful at achieving short and long term goals set forth by individuals and groups.  Relentless in the pursuit to fulfill each student’s academic potential through conceptual understanding of material and self-pride in work, my expertise includes classroom, open classroom and one to one instruction.  I have taught in public and private schools and have been an educational consultant and instructor for over twenty years.  Having attended six different Universities and earned degrees relating to education, human behavior and child development, my education is ongoing.

I have been teaching  ACT preparation in the North Shore for over ten years. In 2015, I began working with Kohler students to prepare them to take the ACT’s, by 2016 Kohler High School went from #8 to #1 in State for ACT composite score. In 2017 I stopped traveling to teach, as the journeys consumed hours that I could be working with students. I now teach solely out of my Mequon location.

As my ACT prep course has evolved, I realized I am no longer just teaching students to take this standardized test, I am working with them on critical thinking, analysis, prediction, observation…skills they will use forever.  There are so many things in this course that were not originally there that I am amazed and gratified at the power of relook, refocus, reinvent, expand.  It’s not just about grades anymore.

Why Call Vilma?

  • Small class size
  • Interactive
  • Study Plan included
  • Customized for your child
  • Competitive cost
  • Efficient use of class time

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